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20, Vandenis, Colombia, Colombia
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Seksualiniai pomėgiaiBiseksualas
Ūgis160 cm - 170 cm [5'4" - 5'6"]
Svoris100 - 120 lbs [46 - 55 kg]
KilmėLotynų Amerikos
KalbosIspanų, Anglų
Gimtasis miestas
Intymi šukuosenaNuskusta
Krūtinės dydisVidutinė
Mane sujaudina
Kind and gentle men
Apie mane
Laugh, dance, fun and GREAT SEX, lets be friends!
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rude people
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My dream place 💜 - Ibiza island

SammyParker My dream place 💜 -  Ibiza island custom pic 1

The Paradise!!


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Komentarai (35)
Wow can you believe we met a year ago , i am not going to drone on about how much i love you and you are my moon and stars 🙄🙄😴😴 you have become one of my best friends in the real world i can't really say more than that , we have a bond that nothing and no one seems to be able to break, i am proud of you and your success on reaching the top 100 .and i hope that it and we can continue ... te amo mi bella princess yep its that long i have known you hahah loveu babe my snot pot ❤❤❤❤
She is beautiful young lady.
Sunshine, estoy muy afortunada de conocerte. Y estoy muy orgulloso de quién eres y de todas las cosas buenas que haces. Eres un alma hermosa por dentro y por fuera. Te amo sol
Thank you snot pot from your BF ( best friend ) 😉😉 te amo baaaabbbe
Siempre te querré, mi rayo del sol. Te Amo.
Olga like 🍆🍆🍆🍆😉😉
Love you my queen , proud you are my gf 😉😉😉good friend 😉😉😉😉💕💞💕love you to the moon and back always
Sunshine, Each moment together is a blessing, I will always cherish. Your beauty runs far deeper than most care to look. Blessing to you in all that you do. Know you are loved and in my thoughts every moment of every day. I Love you Sunshine.
Get well soon my love the days are to long and dark without you love from your BF (best friend)😉😉jajaja 💝💝
I love my reading .. thanks Carlos1705may

in love with my dresses .. thanks Carlos1705may

I wait for you!!

My favorite!! A'J